A Quick Intro

Right from the beginning of motherhood, I knew that I wanted books to play an important role in our home.

Growing up, books expanded my world in a way that is still hard for me to describe, but I know that I want that same experience for my children. I want them to know the joy of traveling to far off places and seeing their own world through others’ eyes. I want them to be curious and use books as a tool for diving deeper. And I want them to have a never ending love of learning that is deeply rooted in their love of books.

It all starts with intentionality. Intentionally introducing them to books early, providing opportunities to explore topics further with book-related activities, and, most importantly, building a connection and bond together as we snuggle up with heaps and heaps of good books.

My hope here is to encourage other mamas to do the same and to provide practical resources for fostering a love of reading and a love of learning in themselves and their young kids.

There are two ways to dive in:

First, check out the blog! As we explore books as a family and create our own literary memories, I’ll be sharing what’s worked for us (and what hasn’t).

Second, learn about ways to grow your home library! Being surrounded by books is one of the best ways to ensure a love of literacy in your children. Let me share some ways to fill your home with books without breaking the bank!