Beginning Tot School

A few weeks ago, my husband accepted a new position near his family in Ohio, and we set the date to move. So in just a few weeks, we’ll be moving our little family across two states to our new home. 

Part of what that means for our family is that we’ll be pulling our son out of his current daycare. We went back and forth on whether to enroll him in a new daycare in Ohio and ultimately decided that, financially, it makes more sense for him to stay home with me for a while. With the new baby due at the beginning of August, we’ll probably be keeping him home until the end of my maternity leave. 

And I am so excited! It has been my dream to homeschool our kids, and this feels like the first step in that journey. 

Our little guy is currently only 20 months old, so we obviously won’t actually be doing “school” together. But I want to make sure that he also gets the opportunity to do crafts and activities that are a little outside of his normal independent play, too. 

At his current daycare, he has daily “circle time”, which involves singing a song and reading a book, and then the kids all get a chance to do a craft each morning. Our setup will likely be something similar, with a theme for each week’s activities. While I certainly don’t believe any of this is necessary, it’s something I’m really looking forward to and think he’ll enjoy.

This past week was his last week at daycare, so we’ll be starting his new “tot school” tomorrow! Because this is the week leading up to Easter, we’ll be focusing on Easter activities all week, and I’ll try to share the activities we do together in a separate post at the end of the week.

It’s my hope that I’ll be able to share the activities and resources we use at the end of each week as a source of inspiration for other tot schoolers. 

While this is all super fun and exciting, I will still be working full-time (and packing our home), so our little guy will still be spending most of his day in independent play. As I settle into a routine with him, I’ll share more of what that looks like and how things are going juggling both work and toddler chasing. 

Overall, I am very excited to be beginning tot school this week and hope that sharing our journey will prove to be helpful for others along the way. Wish me luck!