A Little Background

When I was little, my mom instilled a love of books through regular trips to the library and many, many hours reading together. While I tend to be frugal, before I had my son, I told my husband that if there was one thing I’d be willing to spend money on for our children, it would be books. Books are so, so important to me, and it’s my hope that my kids grow up loving to read and explore the world through books just as much as I have.

Earlier this year, a friend asked me to attend her Usborne Books & More party and I was instantly hooked. I set a conservative budget for myself for the party, and, let’s just say, I may have gone a little over budget. I couldn’t choose between all of the incredible books! The party opened my eyes to the perks of becoming an Usborne Books & More consultant, and I couldn’t stop thinking about the opportunity to acquire more books for our home for free.

So, here we are, a few months and a thriving business later – I am loving it! It’s my prayer that God uses this business to touch children’s lives in the way that only books can. As windows into new worlds and mirrors that help us reflect on our own world, books have the power to change lives, and I’m so grateful to have a small part in that journey for so many children and families!


Do you enjoy hanging out with your friends? Do you enjoy talking about books? Do you enjoy talking about books with your friends? Then this might be just the thing for you!

A virtual book bash is a super casual, online hangout meant to introduce you and your friends to all of the incredible books that Usborne Books & More has to offer! Book bash hosts earn free books based on the sales earned from the party, and they help introduce their friends and family to books their kids will love. Win-win!


You invite the guests and I do the rest!

About a week ahead of the party, you’ll invite friends, family, coworkers, really anyone with little readers in their life, to join the party. Then I’ll create custom recommendation lists for each of your guests leading up to the party.

The night of the party, I’ll publish a series of posts over the course of 30 minutes, introducing guests to all of the wonderful books that Usborne Books & More carries. You’ll cozy up on the couch with your favorite beverage and interact with the other guests via comments on each of the posts.

My priority is ensuring that you have a successful party so that you get as many free books as possible. Several hosts have earned more than $250 in free and half-priced books! We’ll work together to promote literacy, all while helping you fill your home with some amazing books for free. How does that sound?