Back to the Love of Writing

Back to the Love of Writing

Back in the day, I had a blog dedicated to thoughts about my life, things I was working on, monthly goals, etc. It was an enjoyable (and slightly embarrassing) outlet for my creativity. I haven’t touched that blog in over a year now – and, truthfully, hadn’t kept up with it for a while before that – and I’ve been missing it.

Over the last year of having this book biz, I’ve tried to keep this website clean and professional. While I’ve had plans for blog posts and book resources, I start drafts and never finish them, mostly because they don’t seem perfect enough. Not long enough, or informative enough, or researched enough. So they never get published.

But I was recently reading through another blog – one that I just discovered – and it struck me that the blog was far from perfect. It was a fairly random, with posts about several different topics, and felt incredibly personal and unpolished. And, yet, I still spent hours perusing the posts and finding helpful tips amongst the seemingly random content.

I realized that part of the draw of that blog was that she wrote about seemingly small things that mattered to her. And she enjoyed it. The creativity of writing and the act of recording brought her joy… and reminded me of the joy I once found in my blog.

So, to get to the point, I’ve made a resolution. A resolution to go back to the joy of writing. To write about the things that matter to me and to share them regardless of their imperfections.

What does that mean for this blog? Well, it means that things might look a little less polished and a little less focused. I might share about things that don’t matter to you, simply because they matter to me. But I’ll also be sharing more, probably a lot more, because I’ll no longer be held back by my own expectations of perfection.

I hope you’ll enjoy some of what I write and find helpful tidbits amidst a seemingly random collection of thoughts. But, mostly, I hope you’ll find the evidence of joy living here.